Egas Moniz adopts active learning for enhanced Health/Science Curriculum Innovation

Egas Moniz University (EM) is a renowned higher education institution located in Portugal. Established in 1991, it has gained a reputation for its exceptional education in the fields of Health and Biomedical Sciences.

Technological Support in Veterinary Medicine

EM recognized the importance of incorporating technological support into its new Veterinary Medicine course, which emphasizes project-based learning, problem-based learning, and team-based learning methodologies. In 2021, EM selected DreamShaper as the preferred tool to facilitate project work across all disciplines within the Veterinary Medicine program.

Transformative Impact

Discover how, within a span of 12 months, this tool contributed to a remarkable 600% increase in institution enrollment. Access the case study for free and explore the transformative impact of DreamShaper at Egas Moniz University and showcase the positive outcomes achieved through its adoption.