An easy way to teach with projects!


Easy to use

DreamShaper is simple and intuitive for students but above all for teachers! The platform is designed to guide the student throughout the whole process, offering a trail of challenges and a set of materials such as videos or examples that help the student progress autonomously.


The platform adapts to your needs

The platform serves as a technological base for the projects that teachers want to do with their students. The core methodology and set of challenges offered by the platform can be modified and changed according to your school’s curriculum and projects.


A tool for the teacher

The teacher has access to all the projects of his class! He is able to unlock challenges, to see the answers of the students, communicate with them among other functionalities. We want to empower the teacher with tools to motivate and assist student’s practical work!

How to prepare students for the 21st century demands?

DreamShaper promotes the development of social-emotional and work related skills through an online platform where students build projects related to their subject or course understanding the relevance of what they are learning.


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"We get a sense of when we're more organized, we get better at splitting tasks and perform better. We realized being organized is fundamental."


"I was the boring and demanding teacher no one wanted to talk to. Then the students came and talked to me. Changed their posture. I feel much closer to them."


"[The] people who focused on DreamShaper, [who were] determined to do a good project, had more focus in the classroom as well."


"[DreamShaper] opened our minds. If we did not think it was possible before, now it is, because now we have gained an awareness of the possibilities."


"It was great using DreamShaper because [the students] were able to visualize all the planning they did throughout the semester. [...] They realized that when they do not plan, the chances of success are lower."


"I noticed an improvement, growth in my students, even the relationship between them changed. My relationship with my classes has also changed, now I'm closer to all of them."


"I like to use DreamShaper because it is simple, easy and a very effective platform. It makes me work faster and more easily."


"When [the student] builds something with his mind, he learns, and when he learns to organize ideas, he also learns to build things. Each time he stops to build things, he learns a little more as he is forced to research. That is where the platform is very enriching."


"[The teacher] saw that her work was being recognized, both by management and by the students."


DreamShaper went through an impact study evaluation conducted by the Lemann Foundation.

Proven Impact on Students

Orientação para o futuro

Guidance for the future

Students became more ambitious and think more often about what profession they want to pursue.


Organization and Planning

Students began to organize their material better, plan their study more often and deliver their assignments on time. 



Students began to pay more attention to class, more often ignoring distractions during the assignments. 


Students became more attracted to what they to not know and seek more often to understand “why” thinks happen the way they do. 

Proven Impact on Teachers

Relação do aluno com o professor​

Teacher's relationship with students

DreamShaper’s use increased trust between the teacher and the students and increased students participation in class.



When planning the class and evaluating the students work, the teacher became more organized.

Openness to new teaching methodologies

The teacher started to research more about new tools to use in the classroom.

More motivated teachers

The teacher felt more motivated, noticed that the students missed less classes and progressed more quickly.

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