I loved it, easy to use and to understand! Congratulations!!!

Sandra Ventura (Portugal)

DreamShaper brought student development to the school, within our existing academic programme… we’ll have young entrepreneurs coming up here now.

Professor Claudinei (São Paulo)

When DreamShaper came into the school, students and teachers had a different attitude, and classroom dynamics were improved by our usage.

Professor Márcia (São Paulo)

The tool is easy to use, self-teaching, interesting and interactive, my students are loving their projects!

Professor Aikon Lourenço (Minas Gerais)

We had lots of questions… I knew practically nothing. Then the platform, with all the videos and all the explanations in there, helped us manage to set a reasonable price and profit [for our project]. I recommend to anyone who wants to start a business, it’s amazing, it can help anyone!

Roberto (High School student, São Paulo)

Last year we also had entrepreneurship, only we had no tools. So it was more difficult because the platform helps a lot, it gives us a lot of advice on how to open the business.

Larissa (Middle School student, São Paulo)

The platform is very good! Congratulations! It is very simple, for entrepreneurs, having to answer questions without major dissertations. And by the time you notice it, you’re already in the next step! Well thought out and well done!

Pedro Bandeira (Portugal)

Really enjoyed! Thanks!

Rita Duarte (Portugal)

The platform looks great and the entire project is fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity!

Rodrigo Viterbo (Portugal)

It’s very intuitive, simple, dynamic and teaches us about various areas of interest to build a better business plan.

Tiago Tresca (Portugal)

How it works

Learning by doing

DreamShaper helps professors deploy project-based learning techniques in the classroom easily, quickly, and effectively. And what's more, we do it using students' own interests, which drives motivation, engagement, and learning!

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Efficient monitoring and evaluation

Use us to keep tabs on what your students are doing, who's working and who's not, and where your students are getting stuck - then join the conversation and help guide them through the obstacles. All from your cellphone or computer, whenever and wherever it's easiest for you.

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Develop practical skills

Projects will be practical and realistic, meaning your students will get to make them happen in the real world. This helps develop resilience, drives focus, and motivates students to stick with their work to the end. How cool is that?

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dreamshaper easy for you

Easy for you!

Plan, monitor, engage and evaluate your students whenever, wherever, in your computer, phone or tablet device.

dreamshaper non cognitive skills

Non-cognitive skills

Develop skills like resilience, willpower, and focus through the projects your students build in your classroom.

dreamshaper motivation


Drive student engagement through application – letting your students understand how your subject matter relates to their personal interests.

About Us


DreamShaper was born in 2013 out of a need to teach at scale, effectively, whilst keeping student motivation high. We were teaching out of an NGO, called Acredita Portugal, and were trying to manage hundreds (and later thousands) of students, going every which way. We found that engaging them on their interests, through practical projects, actually kept them motivated, focused, and improved not only learning outcomes but also the chance that they stuck around for the duration of the course. So we launched our tool into the market in 2014 and are now present in 3 countries, with over 40.000 students, 100 schools, 700 teachers, and a desire to help wherever there is a teacher struggling to engage and motivate a student!


Our mission is to enable professors to do a better job educating our children. We don't want to replace teachers or throw the entire education system out the window - we just want to make it more interesting for students, easier for teachers, and better for everyone. Join us!

Value Proposition

We help teachers deploy sophisticated project-based learning techniques in their classroom easily, cheaply, and efficiently. That's it. You get to go on amazing projects, led by your students (so they're motivated to work on them!) without having to undergo costly, time-consuming training or certification processes or completely reorganize your lesson plans.


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