Learn through thematic projects

DreamShaper is an online platform where students build entrepreneurial projects related to the subject matter in a motivating way, understanding the purpose of what they are learning for their life outside the school or university.

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Easy for the Teacher

Teachers can review and guide students' work in a simple and intuitive way, from their own cell phone or laptop, whenever and wherever they may be.

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Step by Step

DreamShaper is designed to guide the student throughout the process, through a sequence of challenges and a set of teaching materials that guarantee their autonomy and creativity.

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21st Century Skills

According to an independent impact study, when developing a DreamShaper project, the student develops a set of socio-emotional and work-related skills crucial to their academic, personal and professional success.

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Learning improvement

Students learn more about the themes they work on in their projects driven by their own interests and motivations.

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Easy to use

Our technology is extremely simple to implement and use in a school or university context, which accounts for the great adoption rates by teachers and students alike.

About Us

We are an entrepreneurial team that moves through the common dream of transforming education


Where we came from

DreamShaper was born in 2010 out of a Portuguese NGO, whose mission is to teach and encourage people to develop their entrepreneurial projects. In 2014, the company became independent and focused on education in the Brazilian market. Today, besides Brazil and Portugal, the platform is already used in Mexico and Colombia.

What we want to do

Our mission is to help schools and universities adapt their educational offering to the needs of the 21st Century. We believe that all students should have access to an education that guarantees the development of social, emotional and work skills, increasing their chances of personal and professional success in the future.

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