Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


DreamShaper undertakes to strictly comply with current legislation on data privacy and processing of personal data, including:

(A) We will keep your data strictly confidential;

(B) We will not copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, amend, delete, destroy or otherwise make available to third parties any of your data to which we have access or which has been transmitted by the user, without express instruction or authorization;

(C) We will process your data lawfully and fairly, collecting only the necessary and relevant information for the purpose or providing our services;

(D) We do not use the data collected here for any purpsoses that may be incompatible with the services we sell;

(E) We allow the user to access the data and correct all registered information about themselves, transmitting it clearly and precisely;

(F) We will maintain accurate data and, if necessary, up-to-date;

(G) We will ensure the right to remove your data when required by the user. To make this request, you may contact DreamShaper via email:;

(H) We will comply with all legal requirements related to collecting or any other data treatment operation;

(I) We will comply with the terms and conditions of any legal instruments relating to processed data;

(J) We have security systems that prevent the display, modification, destruction, or alteration of any data by unauthorized persons and to detect information breaches, intentional or not;

(K) We will immediately discontinue any data treatment when not in accordance with the law;

(L) We will destroy the data after a period of authorized conservation: thus, to honor the agreement with the Portuguese National Commission for Data Protection, all personal records more than three (3) years old that have not been altered or updated should be destroyed; and

(M) We will not make your data available to external actors.

DreamShaper respects the privacy of visitors’ personal information on our website and we have a policy to not, distribute or provide this information to third parties for commercial purposes or for any other purpose not approved by its owners.

When you visit our website, our servers automatically store navigation information that is used only for statistical purposes.

The USER expressly authorizes DreamShaper to communicate with you through all available communication channels, including e-mail (e-mail) and telephone.


Limitations of Liability

The DreamShaper shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or resulting from the relationship between the user and the institution that has hired DreamShaper, including but not limited to educational institutions, government, private companies or others.